Paul Tuffy and Chris Billis, founders of Ermis Labs, LLC and creators of CoralActives, have an inspiring amount of passion, enthusiasm, and dedication behind their story, the product, and the reason behind the company.

They were the first people to actually “test”CoralActives.  No animal testing at all. No ‘risk-free trials’ for humans. They don’t believe in animal testing, and they weren’t going to have anyone else try it before they did to make sure it worked.

“We will always be the first people to test out all of our products.  If we don’t believe in them, we definitely won’t put them out on the market for the consumer.”  So, for all you animal rights activists out there, this company has it going on!


Paul Tuffy and Chris Billis have over 30 years of combined experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  The two met at Stiefel Laboratories, (a GlaxoSmithKline company specializing in prescription skin care) while working on the dermatology marketing team.  Paul, having a background in biochemistry, and Chris, having a background in business management and marketing, came together with one vision:

To design and produce an over-the-counter skin care line that generates results equal to the more expensive and difficult to obtain prescription skin care products, while using high quality ingredients that are safe and effective.

Given their years of experience, they knew they could do it. Two years later, they have produced a new line of products under the CoralActives brand.


After much research and deliberation, Paul and Chris decided to take their venture to the depths of the sea where a unique coral grows, Sea Whip Coral.  This soft coral can be found in the Caribbean and provides a very potent and natural anti-inflammatory extract that is safe, effective and environmentally friendly.  In fact, Sea Whip Coral is a renewable resource of the sea – therefore, with every coral tip harvested in a sustainable manner, the coral experiences complete re-growth!

Due to the coral extract’s unique anti-inflammatory benefits and an abundance of clinical data supporting its use on the skin, Paul and Chris chose to use Sea Whip Extract not only in their acne products but also in their soon to be launched anti-aging line.

The CoralActives Retinol Exfoliating Cleanser is comprised of three main ingredients: encapsulated retinol (retinol that only releases as you cleanse), microbeads (the perfect size to remove dead skin but not cause irritation), and Sea Whip Extract (which helps your skin with inflammation).  Used once a day or more, the combined ingredients refresh, cleanse, and energize your skin.

The CoralActives Penetrating Acne Serum is comprised of four main ingredients: benzoyl peroxide (to kill bacteria), Sea Whip Extract (to help inflamed skin), humectants (to attract water onto your skin), and emollients (to retain the moisture on your skin).  The synergy between these ingredients creates a unique and highly effective formula that delivers results for men and women of all ages!


Ermis Labs, LLC owners, Paul and Chris, are very excited about what CoralActives brings to the consumer; prescription results in over-the-counter products which stand out among other brands lining drugstore shelves.

Chris and Paul are interested in more than just offering their products for sale to the consumer.  They believe in overall skin care health and maintenance.  Education is also at top of the agenda!

“We want to provide consumers with the basics associated with good skin care to last a lifetime,” say Tuffy and Billis.

Assisting them in their campaign for good skin maintenance is Dr. Marcus Goodman of Goodman Dermatology, P.C. located in Roswell, GA.

In addition, as part of ongoing outreach efforts, consumers can count on learning more about skin care and CoralActives in middle and high schools, colleges and universities across the country.

The two entrepreneurs are also helping to create their own “mini” economic stimulus plan by helping 16 vendors across the country grow their own businesses and visions.  Paul and Chris believe in building a true partnership with every vendor and their employees.  The success of Ermis Labs, LLC also spells future success for their partners.

Paul and Chris travel to each company they work with to meet face-to-face with the people behind the scenes. It is THIS face-to-face interaction that leads to a sense of pride and ownership among those working on CoralActives. Based on their desire to help others and high quality products, we’re betting that Ermis Labs, LLC will be a success story!


So, I know what you’re all thinking . . . “Love the story, love Paul and Chris, now where in the heck can I get the product?!”  Haha . . . well, the product launch of CoralActives is set for mid-August.  You will be able to purchase the Retinol Cleanser & Acne Serum online at for direct delivery to your home or office.

We recommend buying the Retinol Cleanser & Acne Serum together. Not only is this a financial advantage, but the products work well together to maximize the effects of clear skin.  Even if you don’t have serious acne, the serum is great for the once-in-a-while blemishes we all experience due to stress, hormones, sweat, etc.  The Retinol Cleanser can be used every day, cleansing and exfoliating all in one bottle!  So, forget the 4-step skin care set you buy every month, forget spending a vast amount of money on a gazillion different products . . . all you need is to cleanse and treat with CoralActives’ Retinol Cleanser and Acne Serum!