Certain situations at work have huge potential for causing stress—and an unwanted breakout of acne.  But by being organized and easing up on self-imposed time pressures, you can dodge these situations, skip the stress and reduce acne.

Meeting a deadline
It may not be uncommon for your boss to ask you to complete a project on short notice. You can use this opportunity to flounder or shine. Being organized in general can help make a pressing deadline a little less stressful. Practicing good time management skills will also reduce stress when you’re crunched for time. Consider writing out a to-do list or making a schedule to help stay on track even when a major deadline is looming. Taking these methodic steps will increase your confidence level and help you avoid stress.

Arriving on time
To reduce stress from being late, plan for unforeseen delays and give yourself extra time to reach your destination. If you arrive early use the extra minutes to freshen up, get organized, return a phone call that you thought you’d have to delay, and delight in the fact that you avoided the stress of cutting it too close!

Making a presentation
Many people become anxious about giving a presentation whether it’s at work, a PTA meeting, or in front of a volunteer group. Taking the necessary time to get ready, though, can help you avoid stress. Plan ahead so you have plenty of opportunities to practice your presentation. Take the time to prepare, review, and give a dry run of your presentation in front of a friend or your spouse to build up your confidence, because  if you feel confident about your knowledge of the material, you will reduce stress. If you’re still feeling nervous, relaxation techniques such as deep breathing before, during, and after your presentation,can help slow your heart rate and make you feel calmer.