When I was a teenager my skin was really clear.  Sure, I had a few minor breakouts, but nothing ever that bad.  Then, all of a sudden, at the post-puberty age of 21, something strange started to happen to my skin.  Pimples started to appear in places where they had never previously appeared: my cheeks and the sides of my mouth.

Month after month, my acne got worse, and no matter which cleansers, toners, moisturizers and masks I tried nothing was working. However, I did notice something unusual; every time I got my period my acne went away.

Yes, I had it, female adult onset acne.  So I went on the pill.  After 3 years I went off the pill and guess what, it came back.  This was such a bother; I needed to know why.  Outside of being a nuisance it really made my self-esteem go down the drain.

As you know there are different causes for acne, but the main one is definitely hormonal.  In fact, menstrual activity, puberty, steroids, and several androgen hormones (testosterone and DHEAS, to name a few – so yes, blame it on the males, they’re the ones who perpetuate this) can be linked with acne.


Acne can also have a psychological cause to be found in stress.  If you have hormonal disorders and you are stressed, you can be a really easy target for acne.  Additionally, a high glycemic load diet can also be a cause.  What’s worse is that much of the adult female acne is caused by cosmetics; learn how to read those labels and always get samples!